I’ve arrived here by way of over 20 years of combined video/film production and special visual effects/post-production experience. As a Producer/Director, editor and digital compositor I have worked on many diverse projects including The PJ’s and The Gary and Mike TV series, the M&M’s commercial campaigns, three television pilots, lots of regional advertising and a variety of other advertising and entertainment projects for companies such as Laika, Will Vinton Studios, Bent Image lab and Fox and CBS affiliates, as well as a number of cable outlets and independent production organizations. I’ve also done animation and compositing on games and music videos, diected a number of shorts, and made one independent feature, which is currently in a box. At the moment I am in various stages of development on a number of¬†projects.

If you’d like to check out my credentials or possibly hire me to help you, please see my resume (.PDF file).

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