About Me

Phil GuzzoArmed with copies of Cinemagic magazine, making animated films in my parents basement, trying to recreate the wonder of what I saw at the theater. This is how I spent my youth. What I couldn’t glean from the magazines and books, I pestered my chemistry professor father incessantly about. His knowledge of the process, which limited to supplying magnesium to blow spaceships up with, wasn’t much help with the actual process and techniques of special effects. That I had to learn on my own. Inevitably I found my film geek friends and we saw Star Wars and Indiana Jones and were inspired to make our own. It was the shared experience of us and the audience watching that Blockade Runner cruising overhead that grew into the desire to make films and create effects. Those formative years are why I am am now a director, writer, compositor and visual effects artist.

If you have a project that you want help on feel free to send an email to me.


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